Lexington IL Community Center Wedding Ashley & Ryan / Pontiac IL Wedding Photographer

Ashley and Ryan were a fun couple. They were married at The Lexington Community Center in Lexington IL. The little boy in the background is not a photo bomber he is their son. I could have easily removed him in Photoshop, but he was part of the day, and a big part of their life. We had fun. Ryan and Ashley could not contain their joy, and it shows in the photos. The Lexington Community Center is a nice place for small intimate weddings.

The father daughter dance is one of my favorite parts of a wedding.

Such a bittersweet moment! Tears of a father as he dances with his little girl knowing he has just given away his most prized possession.

That moment preserved forever through photography

The Lexington Community Center is located in Lexington Illinois. If you would like to talk with me about photographing your wedding day please contact me.

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