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Traditionally the groom should never see the bride on the day of the wedding until she walks down the aisle. It's considered bad luck. Okay does anyone really know how that tradition came to be? I do!!! The age old tradition came from arranged marriages. Back in the day arranged marriages were nothing more than a business transaction. The bride's family gained land/property and other goods and services in exchange for handing over their daughter. It was considered bad luck because what if the bride did not appeal to the groom and the marriage was called off. No monetary gain for papa!

I wanted to bring this blog to you while you are in the early stages of planning your wedding. Whatever you choose to do let it be your decision. I will warn you up front you may have to deal with resistance from your mom, grandma, aunt or anyone born before 1990 if you choose to go with the first look session..

The first look session has many advantages, but the best advantage is the simplistic intimacy of the first look moment, and the photos are beautiful. It's a private session after the prep time, and right before your wedding. The bride will meet the groom at a predetermined location somewhere near the ceremony location. His back will be turned or I may put a blindfold on him. It will be his first look. These will be the best bride and groom photos. You won't have 100 eyes on you. You won't be in a hurry to get to the reception so as not to keep your guests hungry and waiting. You will simply celebrate each other in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. There will absolutely be NO other cameras or cell phones. There will be no extra people. This will be the one time when I will be very firm . The first look session also helps keep things on schedule and running smoothly. So many times when I have shot weddings things are running behind, and my bride & groom and group photo session get cut short or everyone is stressed which affects the images. Another great plus for the bride is your hair and make-up are fresh, and the groom is still comfortable in his suit! This is also a great time for the bride and groom to exchange gifts, say a prayer,or just take a moment to calm your nerves. Getting this step out of the way early in the day will free you up to spend valuable time with your guests.

If you would like to include a first look session in your day allow about 30 minutes. It may not take that long, but it's better to run a little ahead of schedule as behind.

Take some time to think about it. Look around online, and discuss it with your fiance. There are sites that have reviews and opinions from past brides about the first look session.

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