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From the moment you said yes you started looking at bridal magazines, and websites for the perfect dress. You may even have the style and color narrowed down to just a couple. So now you have to get mom and the bridal party together for your dress shopping adventure. That in itself can raise one's stress levels. I have some very important dress advice as it applies to photographs. First and foremost make sure the dress fits you nicely!! I can't stress that enough. I have had to trash wedding photos because the bride's dress was so badly fitted. One bride in particular really had a huge struggle. She was a tall large framed bride. Not overweight, but just a big girl and very well endowed. She was absolutely miserable. The dress did not fit her correctly. It fit her breasts, but was too large and literally kept falling down. She was so exposed in some photos we chose not to use them. Apparently, mom took over at the bridal shop not allowing the shop associate to properly fit the young lady. Any reputable bridal shop's employee would have picked up on the poor fit of the dress immediately.

Since almost everyone has a camera phone have someone take photos of you with the dress on. Have them take photos of you from several angles. If you choose a plunge back dress ( they are so gorgeous) have a phone photo taken and look at it. Make sure you are happy with the way your back looks in the dress. Sit down in your dress, have a photo taken. Bend over, have a front view photo taken. Raise your arms to have a photo taken. I know all this sounds a little odd, but trust me it's important. Also, with all that movement you can get an idea of how comfortable the dress is or isn't. Another tip is to check your dress fabric. The last thing you want is a dress that wrinkles easily. Wrinkles can be tricky to correct in Photoshop, and in fact, some photographers (not this one) may charge an extra fee.

If you are thinking about a wedding style that is a little unique, quirky or maybe by some people's standards odd, check out The Off Beat Bride. They have some fun, offbeat and unique ideas.

Don't forget some of the most important tips for planning your wedding: sleep, plenty of water, healthy food choices, a little exercise, and if you like wine have a glass in the evening before bed.

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