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As you read this series of blog posts please keep in mind I am a photographer. Your wedding photos are probably the most important tangible wedding memory you will have. When the flowers have gone by the wayside, your dress has been sold or stored away in hopes your daughter will some day wear it, and your guests have just a faint memory of the day, your photographs will be right there. Gracing your walls, or filling the pages of a beautiful customized album for you to look at whenever the mood strikes. Your social media archives will also likely be overflowing with beautiful wedding day images.

I am writing this blog from a photographer's point of view. Hopefully, it will help to make your wedding day photography a lot less stress-free and provide beautiful images.

This post is about the bridal room. The room that you and your bridesmaids will dress, and apply finishing touches to your hair, makeup, and add a little bling.

I realize not everyone can budget for a $40K wedding venue with a bridal room that looks like it's from Bride magazine. Before you book the venue where you will be married check out the bridal room. If it seems cluttered or there are awful pieces of artwork adorning the walls ask if those items can be tucked away on your wedding day. Look around for a closet or large cabinet. It's nice to have one or the other to stow away all the bags and cases you and your bridesmaids will have in tow. Look for a full-length mirror. Look around for a place to have shots of your gown and shoes taken. Those shots do not always have to be in the bridal room. A bridal room with several windows is awesome. I love natural light bridal images. If you notice when you look at wedding prep photos, many of them are in black & white. There are a couple of reasons for that. many times it's because there are so many colors and objects in the background of the bridal room that the black & white photos help to disguise those things a bit. However, there are times when the image just looks best in black and white.

I will never forget the bridal room at one of the first weddings I shot, OMG! There were cardboard beer cases stacked all around, deer heads and beer signs covered the walls, any open spaces on the walls were covered in the ugliest brown and white wallpaper ever made. To this day I will not shoot a wedding there if the bride is dressing at the venue.

I know that much of your choice depends on your budget and venue availability. A really good idea is to snap some photos of the bridal room, and where the ceremony will take place, and send them to your photographer. Chances are he or she may already be familiar with the venue, but if not it's a good idea to give them an opportunity to let their creative juices flow in advance.

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